Friday, September 21, 2012

The last (almost) 6 weeks

So in the last six weeks I have accomplished/figured out a few things (not in any specific order):
  • I am able to change my life without much ado
  • Two tacos are one too many for me now
  • 64 ounces of water is a lot of water after surgery (and even now)
  • I didn't realize how much water I did drink before surgery
  • Without that much water, CPAP machine makes me have really bad cotton mouth
  • Pepsi no longer is my reason for living
  • My closet is starting to have clothes that are a little big instead of  clothes that are just right or a little tight
  • Jammie pants don't shrink with your waist
  • Walking doesn't hurt as much when you are 30 pounds lighter
  • No one thinks I actually know what I can and cannot eat
  • Protein, protein, protein
  • Working out is harder to do when you have a sick child at home
  • My friends and family are more supportive than I thought they would be
  • Don't tell children what you have had done, they have BIG mouths!!


  1. OMG kids do...even when friends tell their kids, those kids tell other neighbors and those neighbors ask you about it...yikes...but what the hey, I don't mind. I blurt it out myself all the time. Congrats on the weight loss. You're doing GREAT!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement. I love that I have someone that I can talk to, even if we haven't talked that much about this. It's nice to know someone who has gone (or is going) through the same thing you are!

  2. Wow 30 lbs already sounds amazing!! Congratulations!

    Keep up the good work and yes, kids talk a lot!! I was an au pair for an American family and once I went pick up one of the kids to school and absolutely everyone kept looking at me until one kid gathered the guts to ask me "Are you from Argentina? Do you know Messi?"

    Have a good one!


    1. People are so weird! I have a friend who's husband is Jewish and they live here in Colorado. When someone finds out he is Jewish, they ask him "Do you know (fill in name) he's Jewish too." Really, it is just crazy!

  3. Hey! i'm a new follower! Excited to follow your journey!

    1. Thank you Miss Lorie, it's been interesting, even if I haven't blogged everything about this. I'm trying to be better about it.

  4. You are doing great....and I think the observation about supportive friends/family being so true. We sometimes are caught off guard by the kindness and support that others share with us: and yet it is that support that sometimes gets us through the day (or hour or minute depending on the situation).

    But hey, you are living a healthier life.... so what if the kids blad....why not share and shout it for all the world to know: You are healthier now than 6 weeks ago...I'd be spreading that truth too!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep up the great job and the blogging....I recently printed my blog and I enjoy looking back from entries 5 years ago...even found one of all us watching the Big Love series together! The blog will be a great journal of your journey.

    1. Thank you Ms Martha, you are a tremendous support to TZ and me, I know I appreciate it (as well as TZ). It it nice when you have support and sometimes that is all that gets me through the day, hour, or minute. There have been moments that I start to regret doing this, but I realize I will be healthier because of it and there is no going back now anyway, :) I'm trying on the blogging, I let my other one go to pot, but trying to get on here at least once a week!