Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Fall

I am now officially on "regular" food.

So, I am confused, I could hardly wait to be on normal food again and honestly, kept trying foods that were not really on my diet (full soft diet) because I was just getting too bored with what I was "allowed" to eat. When I went through my binder class, the nutritionist said that some people were afraid to eat normal food. Not so with me, I was excited to eat something other than soup, cottage cheese, and yogurt. And although I LOVE those foods, after six weeks of it, I wanted something a bit more.

I am now on to, "soft" meats. To me this means anything that isn't dry and icky anyway. I rarely, if ever, ate dry meat pre-surgery.  However, I have found that the only "fast-food" chicken I can tolerate is Chik-Fil-A. I love their chicken strips so no worries there.

My hubby has been very supportive with my meals. He is a wonderful cook and I am happy to say, this has not changed after my surgery. He is finding healthy, protein packed meals to cook for me. He cooked a Mexican Lasagna this weekend that was wonderful. We treated it like a dip, but was awesome all the same. My children even ate left-overs, which never happens! It's too bad he isn't home more, I love that he cooks.

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  1. it's awesome that he cooks...what a help!