Saturday, August 11, 2012

I've been told I can do it.....

It's 2 days until my surgery (well really 38 hours) and I am almost 2 days into my clear liquid diet. I have never had the "opportunity" to enjoy a clear liquid diet, and hopefully will never have to again. My darling husband found a recipe online that incorporated chicken broth with veggies and when strained is still good for the diet.

I have been through a lot of emotions in the last two days and I know I will go through more in the next 38 hours. My friends and family have really been there for me. I have limited who I have told since I'm not sure how people will look at this step in my life. I really hate the stories of peoples reaction to the news that someone is have gastric surgery. I feel that as long as that person knows what they are getting into, I will be there to support them anyway I can. I cannot tolerate that anyone would feel the need to make a person, who has already been struggling with a decision, less of a person just because it is not the decision they would make. (Enough of my soap box)

Last night, after 4 cups of broth and countless glasses of water, I was feeling very sloshy and my husband was making dinner. I retired to my room so my family could eat and I would not be "tempted" with the food my husband had prepared. (BTW did I mention my husband cooks - and very well.) I was having a pity party all by myself, so my husband came up to get me out of my funk. I told him I was ready to cancel the surgery that it was too hard. He gave me a pep talk and convinced me that I could actually do it. I also have a great support system of a friend that had gastric bypass and my best friend that have been telling me all day that it will be over soon. I just need to remember why I am doing this.

Thank you to all of my friends and family (that know) for their support. I hope all of you out there that are having a surgical procedure has the support I do.


  1. You're a much braver woman than me to be going forward with it! Good luck!

    1. I'm glad you think I'm brave, but not really, just very annoyed with my weight. :)

  2. The liquid diet is so hard... I freaked out 2 days prior to surgery too. But I am so glad I moved forward. You know time flys by...mits been almost 3 months for me it does not seem that long ago.

  3. yeah...I've told a few people but don't really advertise it....certainly not putting it on FB :D You'll do great!