Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 weeks and trudging along

So now that my computer has been fixed (thanks to my lovely husband!!) I am able to continue my updates.

Week 1 was harder than expected. I was amazed at the pain around the drain site. I was expecting a gaping wound when the bandage was taken off, and being on blood thinners, I was afraid I would bleed out all over the doctor when he removed it. To my surprise and amazement, I did not bleed out and it is actually only an incision about an inch long even though it felt like the size of the Grand Canyon. After the bandage came off, I felt amazingly better. I'm able to lie on my right side in bed, walk, get in and out of the car, etc. without holding my side.

Eating has been an adventure in itself. Trying to get to my 60 grams of protein and 64 oz of water had been challenging. Doc scolded me at my 2 week (actually 1 1/2 week) checkup. I hadn't been keeping track of either and need to do both diligently! I've been better the last several days and working on getting it all down.

I'm thrilled with the results so far. I have not been to the gym yet, going to work on that next week, but am able to walk around Target (Woo Hoo). I'm getting winded a little faster right now, but I know it will get better. I am also able to wear some shirts I haven't been able to in several years. So far so good!!!


  1. Hi Aimee glad to hear you are happy with the results already!!

    Have a good week!


  2. you look great! It was good to see you up and about today and doing your volunteer thing.

    1. It took alot out of me, but the Buzz Book must go on!